Emergency Management, Search and Rescue

When members of your community are missing, lost or injured, your citizens rely on your teams to respond and solve difficult challenges. Whether your team consists of all professional, all volunteer or a combination, specialized equipment can be effective in and saving and rescuing the most vulnerable of citizens. Conteggo can work with your highly specialized teams to determine the best solution for your unique challenges. With various options for hover time, payloads, take-off and recovery requirements, Conteggo can tailor UAV technology to meet your needs. Conteggo can provide specialized drones with specialized payloads to assist in your emergency situations.

Drone Detection

Small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAS) present challenges in securing airspace around airports, prisons, stadiums, critical infrastructure and theme parks. Conteggo can provide various technologies that can detect sUAS and other hard to identify airborne traffic. Using cooperative and non-cooperative technologies, Conteggo can assist you in protecting your citizens and your valuable infrastructure. Additionally, Conteggo can assist in providing mitigation strategies that meet FAA and FCC regulations.

Inspection and Maintenance

Maintenance and inspection of your vital infrastructure can be time-consuming and costly to avoid. Through effective use of drone technology, inspection and maintenance of pipelines, railway lines, electrical power lines, wind turbines and water management equipment can provide valuable intelligence on when and where to provide preventative maintenance. Conteggo can work with you to determine the ideal technology, payload and training to assist in your maintenance requirements.

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